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I’ve just got in the mail the new Advanced .NET Debugging book by Mario Hewardt which I had the pleasure of reviewing prior to its publication (I sure hope my comments helped a bit, if at all 🙂 ).

The book covers the internals of .NET, tools that can help you debug and solve issues such as, WinDbg and PowerDBG as well as cover specific and common issues that a lot of other developers encountered (heap corruption, dead locks, etc)

The book is well written and structured and I would recommend it to any .NET developer who wish to better understand how .NET works under the hood, as well as gain the necessary tools (and it IS necessary to use these tools 🙂 ) to debug and solve real world problems that cannot be resolved with regular debuggers such as Visual Studio.

The book fills a niche that was left empty for far too long. When I started this blog there was almost no knowledge online about advanced .NET debugging. I’m happy that Mario was the one to bring all of this information in a structured book.

Get the book here:

You might also want to check our Mario’s previous book, Advanced Windows Debugging which also talked about the use of WinDbg and other tools but in a native context. It’s also a great book to complement the .NET side of things.

Get the book and debug without fear! 🙂