My name is Eran Sandler, and this is my blog about Advanced .NET debugging.

It is not limited to .NET alone, but that is one of the major focuses of this blog.

The blog came to life after I had learned various techniques at Microsoft and on my own to debug, understand and eventually fix problems in applications.

Techniques such as production debugging (where you can’t install Visual Studio on a production server) and postmortem debugging (where you don’t even have direct access to the server, or can’t attach a debugger directly and continuously) are crucial in this world of ever growing server applications and web services.

Much of this knowledge is almost non existent on the web and that is one of the main reasons I’ve started this blog.
This is the place that I’ll share my expertise on the subject as well as bugs, tips and tricks that I’ve stumble upon during my day to day job as well as other projects I’m involved with.

Oh, and be sure to check my personal blog as well, where I talk about all the rest of the stuff I’m interested in (including software development) 🙂

Enjoy, learn and don’t forget to share!