I’m going to be helping out in the Visual Studio 2005 Launch Event here in Israel in a side session titled (and it’s a translation from Hebrew): “Error detection in off-road terrain and combining your application with Windows Error Reporting”.

Sounds a bit long for a title, isn’t it? 😉

There are a few such side sessions which will be going on at the same time as other “Main” sessions. The main idea behind the side sessions is to have a smaller more intimate session (~50+ peoplee) that will allow better interaction between the lecturers and the people coming to hear the lecture.

We will be talking about how to do some production debugging at a customer site and how to handle memory dumps for post mortem debugging when you can’t have access to the client’s site. Gadi Meir of Idag (who is leading the session) will also talk about Windows Error Reporting (WER) and how to make your program work with it.
I will be talking about the managed areas of production and post mortem debugging as well as some samples on how to use, instrument and extend MDbg (which I talked about quite a bit in previous posts). Mainly these are topics that I’m usually covering here on the blog.

For some reason, since I’m a second chair in the presentation (and there are a lot of other second chairs for the other side sessions) I was not mentioned in the invitation.

That’s not nice, isn’t it? (remind me to have a small chat with the organizers. The second chairs should also be mentioned!)

Oh well… at least it’s going to be a cool event.
All of you in Israel – be sure to register here.

See you there and “Get Ready to Rock” (god, these marketing guys needs someone to help them a bit… 😉 )

If you want to catch me for a quick talk/question/whatever I will be hanging around the place where the session will be conducted and probably all around the place, so be sure to catch me!