I haven’t written in a while and I don’t like being an echo blog but this couldn’t pass right along.

ScottGu announced 2 days ago (yeah, I’m slow to catch that up, but its been a holiday here in Israel 😉 ) that they’ll release the full source code of the .NET framework library with Visual Studio 2008 so that everyone can browse it as well as be able to debug (which is always helpful).

In addition to that, it seems that VS 2008 will have integrated symbols server support which also includes downloading the debug symbols as well as source code directly from Microsoft.

Way to go Microsoft. This is exactly what I was missing for quite a long time!

  • Niki

    Does this actually work now? I’ve found no information about it on the MSDN, just a couple of inofficial how-to’s on google, but none of these seems to work.

  • Unfortunately I have yet to try it out, but I’ll check it out and see if its really out.