A friend of mine, Dudu Shmaya, with help from Eyal Post wrote a cool tool called Terminals.

is a multi-tab terminal/remote desktop utility that enables you to manage multiple remote servers from the same window (without opening multiple Remote Desktop Connection windows).

While it is not a debugging utility, it is a useful tool when trying to debug on multiple remote servers.

I find it a lot better than using multiple RDC (Remote Desktop Connection) windows and a lot better than the multi terminal/remote desktop utility called (Remote Desktops) which comes with Windows 2003.

The project is hosted at CodePlex and its source code is also available.
For updates and more information about Terminals read here and here.

  • Anonymous

    do you tried out RoyalTS?
    its available under http://www.code4ward.net. does simmilar stuff, we’re currently working on the new version also as an codeplex project. would be interresting what you think or would change about it.

  • Thanks Christoph.

    I’ll try to find some time to look at it, hopefully this week (though I can’t promise anything 😉 )