There is a new WinDbg version ( available here (it was released yesterday – July 18th).
You can check out some of the new stuff here.

Be careful though, the previous version had more than a few bugs and problems. Hopefully, this version fixed some (if not all) of them.

I still haven’t had much time to check it more thoroughly, but you are more then welcome to try it out, just don’t forget to report back! 🙂

Update: I’ve checked whether there is a new verison of SOS for .NET Framework and there isn’t any. There is only a new SOS version for .NET Framework 1.1 (which was compiled about 11 days ago).
Anyhow, this is kind of annoying. I’m really looking forward to get a new version of the .NET 2.0 SOS with at least all the features that were in the 1.1 version and are missing in the 2.0 version.

  • ghassan

    isn’t the SOS that comes with Visual Studio 2005, is for .NET framework 2.0?

  • The SOS that comes with VS 2005 is for .NET 2.0, but it is lacking some of the features that exists in the SOS for .NET 1.1 that comes with the various versions of WinDbg.

    The SOS that comes with WinDbg is updated each version to fix bugs and to include additional features, while the SOS that comes with VS 2005 .NET that is used with .NET 2.0 has not been updated since the release of VS 2005.

  • Alex

    I’m currently using this version as well but have come a upon a problem
    with !clrstack after loading a dump:
    Thread 0
    Cannot get the ThreadStore, do you have symbols for the mscorwks/mscorsvr files?
    Not a managed thread.

    I have followed this article from microsoft to a T but still cannot figure it out (

    In the end getting the stack has proven difficult. I have looked on the net for similar problems but cannot find a solution. Surely I’m not the only person with this problem?

    Could it be that I’m using .Net 2.0?

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • Hello Alex,
    Sorry for the long delay, I’ve been abroad for a while.

    It seems that your problem is that you are loading the wrong version of SOS.

    The version that comes with WinDbg is for .NET 1.1 ONLY and if you are trying to debug a .NET 2.0 you MUST load the SOS.dll that comes with the framework itself (its in the framework’s directory).