Thanks to Matt Adamson for pointing out to me that DebugDiag is now in release candidate stage (RC1) and is available for testing.

In a few words, DebugDiag is a very sophisiticated scriptable and extendable tool that enables you to debug server applications (mainly ones that are related to IIS, but not only limited to them).

Some of its features include scheduled dump taking using DbgSvc (or whatever action you required) as well as advanced memory leak checks using LeakTrack that eventually generates web reports.

I used it when I was in a Microsoft lab a while back mainly to use its scheduled dump taking. I configured it to take dumps every X minutes and it was great.
One of the SIE engineers also used its LeakTrack to find some memory problems in our application.

It a cool tool and a great addition to your debugging tools arsenal.

You can find all the necessary instructions on how to get it from here.
You will find there the tool itself and a PowerPoint presentation about the tool and how to use it.

  • Kwan

    What are the differences between DebugDiag and AdPlus? Thanks.

  • DebugDiag has some additional feature for leak tracking, BUT it can perform the same task as AdPlus but since it runs as a Windows Service you can control it and make it work from Terminal Services (which usually requires AdPlus a special parameter to perform it).

    In addition to that you can set a timer that will automatically take dumps every X minutes, which you simply can’t do with AdPlus.